Cyber cafe business plan in nigeria how can slum

Some of the items you can get include: There are also other four types of slum as were recognized by Strokes these include: It confuses a section of a populace for the commercial resilience of an entire city.

I can only pray that as Nigerians we will respond to this embarassment with positive action. I had friends who had to go for NYSC in "random" Nigerian cities and the tales of the standard of living in those cities were not pretty at all.

It is putting a face on the millions of people who call Lagos home and how they go about their lives. Use figures where necessary. He showed how the coal camp was developed to house miners. In this instance, wide circulation becomes potentially dangerous.

Be able to outYour CYour competition would have invested less and can deploy more systemsis that your competition can out price you and send you out of business For 10 System Cafe, here is the difference between thin clients and regular systems.

Asides these statistics, the internet is used for several other purposes as it makes learning, sending and receiving messages, carrying out business transactions, etc.

The Effect of Slum on Property Values in Nigeria

Before you apply for a computer service centre license, you must meet the criteria that will qualify your permit. In order words, it is advantageous to quantify wherever it is possible.

They are not adequately ventilated, sanitation is virtually nil and in most of these areas there is black, dirty, sinking and stagnant water along he streets and in the drains.

This is important for the speed of the systems. Due to epileptic nature of our power supply at times, it is wise to get a generating set that can comfortably carry all the equipment in your shop that will serve as a substitute source of power in the event of an outage.

Sources of unskilled and semi skilled labour The slum area usually provides affordable rental accommodations of a these class of people, most of whom engage in menial jobs, brick layers, apprentices, etc.

Thin Clients is a major factor that made the huge difference in cost between now and then possible. What is the financial structure. You can work independently and offer your services to institutions, schooletc 4. This might rub a business plan the due consideration it deserves.

Consider starting your computer business centre as a registered company rather than as unregistered company. He first get acculturated have on the way of life of the city dwellers and how to interest to make a comfortable and successful city living Accommodation for the poor The low income earners, fortune seekers and adventures who immigrates to the city with no person or relation to stay with often find a slum area more economic I to secure accommodation.

You then buy the voucher and use your own laptop computer to access the internet.

Business Plan Nigeria – To Write Feasibility Study & Proposal

This, property may be defined as the things themselves which are the subjects of ownership. It helps to evaluate before hand it there are chances of success for the business — the business plan projects into the future and shows with facts what is likely to happen in the future. Typical examples are found in parts of USA, and in Nigeria e.

All I had been hearing was how we were portrayed in a bad light, and watching this brought tears, pride, sadness and what have view to me. I am not saying BBC should not represent the whole population but the fact is that the people who live in the nice parts of Lagos and Nigeria are in the minority.

The following are the main factors that have government slum formation in the U. The IT consultant here in UK can enlighten you about the equipments you need and even the cost of the equipments, such as computers, servers, printers etc. The demand for computer services is high especially in tertiary institutions, offices and in different work areas.

With the same initial investment he will be able to buy more systems and so attract more customers and make more money. You are willing to make money from your cyber cafe business for which you have to understand its typical volume based nature.

A network card of Mbps minimum. Standard English keyboard for user friendliness. Business plan designed need organization of thoughts about implementation and sustainable methods to open successful cyber cafe.

Countries all over the world have their slums. Find a good one today and you will be glad. RAM of at least 2 GB. Depending on the amount you have. Houses erected in these slum areas are illegal since there is not approval from the town planning authority.

Because the doc focused on centres of informal sector commerce. It is well with us all. Furthermore, development control within residential estates should be sufficiently enforced without compromising the master plan in order to prevent land misuse. References Adegun, O.


Cyber Cafe Feasibility Study/Business Plan in Nigeria

(). Shelter and the Future African City. Cyber Cafe Feasibility Study/Business Plan in Nigeria The use of computers has become the order of the day, access to the internet is almost as important as anything you can think of in the world that we live in today, the world has indeed become a global village through the advent of technology.

A cyber [ ]. The BBC documentary 'Welcome to Lagos' has become relatively controversial. Some see it as a positive depiction of the poor but ingenious in Nigeria's teeming commercial center, Lagos.

This business is one of the profitable medium scale businesses in Nigeria; the business can give a high profit margin when managed properly and run alongside with a cybercafé. (computer business centre with cybercafé) now the passion isn’t stopping and I searched for “how to start up a cyber cafe/business center” and I found.

You can get a sample cyber cafe business business plan and feasibility study from us.

How to Start a Cyber Cafe Business in Nigeria / Business Plan & Feasibility Study

This business plan can be used to get bank loan, grants, proposal writing, competitions, etc. To place your order, pay N10, to.

The Effect of Slum on Property Values in Nigeria. February 13, by articles Leave a Comment. THE EFFECT OF SLUM ON PROPERTY VALUES (A CASE STUDY AGUOWA IN ENUGU, ENUGU STATE) DEFINITION OF SLUM. Cyber Cafe Business Plan.

How to Start a Cyber Cafe Business in Nigeria

Event Decorating Business Plan. Event Management Business Plan.

Cyber cafe business plan in nigeria how can slum
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How to Start Cyber Cafe Business?